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Are You Planning to Be a Content Developer

On your way to office/school/shopping, what is that one thing you do all the time? Voluntarily, involuntarily you read a lot. Billboards, pamphlets, standees, posters, stickers, placards, et al carry words/lines of distinctiveness. My favorite is "Girls, Beer with...

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What is Copywriting

You have heard (and have mastered) various concepts like SEO, online reputation management (ORM), graphic designing, software development, but let me enlighten you a bit. Copywriting is the glue that sticks them together. These are all marketing strategies that help...

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Digging Up Internet’s History

Hardware, software, Artificial Intelligence (AI), computer networks, operating systems, programming languages, video games, Graphical User Interface (GUI); internet is gigantic. There is something for everyone. Even the detractors and naysayers will find something...

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