“A picture speaks a thousand Social Media Marketing

Thorsignia empowers the brand to create a sound online presence to match the customer’s business objective.

It  aims to increase the website traffic thus improving the brand status and making a social impact.

It is a well-known fact that Photoshop is a paragon of the photo editing software. You can color correct the images that seem not too bright or simply off. You can cut out the garbage bin from that pleasingly oddball selfie with your pals or add a stem of rose in the muzzle of your goofy labrador, who in reality spits it out all the time.

It has eased the process of appreciable photo editing. Easy navigation; interesting tools; hassle-free manner of importing pictures; all add to its features so much so that it is used by professionals for designing website, logos, banners, T-shirts, business cards… Photoshop is at your disposal.

Even if you are not familiar with Photoshop, or are technologically impaired, you might want an alluring design for your product. Isn’t it? Your company’s website and social reputation create an indelible image.

Top web design and development company in Bangalore Thorsignia does a phenomenal job when it comes to designing offbeat content for your company. Its ingenious designers work their fingers to the bone to deliver nothing but the best. Their talent and finesse reflect in the work they have done so far. You will surely get positive feedback from your customers.

Photoshop enthusiasts, today we will share some tricks that will not only help you optimize Photoshop’s use but save time as well.

  • Undo multiple history states with Ctrl+Alt+Z.
  • Create kaleidoscopic patterns with Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T.
  • Combine text and image – Drag the image on the text, hold Alt and click the space between the two in the Layers panel.
  • Get a different background – Press Shift and click on the Paint Bucket tool to fill your background with the foreground color.
  • Hit Shift and click on any image to close all images.
  • Hold Cmd/Ctrl+Space, drag ‘right’ to zoom-in and ‘left’ to zoom-out for interactive zooming.
  • Use different layer blend modes by clicking on Shift+ or -.

Now, Photoshop like an expert.