A writer’s writing memorializes unarticulated thoughts of introverts, wallflowers, and a slew of people who aren’t verbose. A good writing is a one-off design’s perpetual companion because it describes its beauty and hidden meaning for those whose visual intellect isn’t sharp (I fall under this rubric). Creative writing frames memorable characters that elevate the gild stature of literature. What I find fascinating about writing is that it is not bounded by language.

We all rely on descriptions and elucidations to clearly understand an obscure concept. But it is not only arts or creative fields that make umpteen use of writing skills. Businesses, start-ups, industries (from technology to weaving), branding, all heavily rely upon cogent writing.

Content writers are invariably in demand. Graphic designing; public relations; digital marketing; advertisement; product descriptions; myriad streams require content that is appealing to a set of audience.

Businesses and ideas are rapidly moving online. Hence, it is important to understand and know what kind of writing will enchant readers.

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If you are a content writer or aim at becoming one, the following set of skills would be useful to you –

1) Varied Styles of Writing

As a content writer, dabble in different styles of writing. News writing follows the ‘inverse pyramid’ method; if you are writing for a brand, you want to focus on a peculiar audience; technical writing should be descriptive and not laden with jargon; ad copy is short and persuasive. If you can learn different styles of writing, you will come through with flying colors. You will be in demand.

2) Read! Read! Read!

The more you read, the more refined and less banal your pieces will be.

3) Be Original

People want to read novel content. If your writing is stale, it will repel your audience. That is why reading is also important. Check your piece for plagiarism. A plagiarized content can mar your reputation and your client’s goodwill. Also, be imaginative and never stop thinking.

4) Take Breaks

At the risk of sounding like a do-nothing, I will strongly suggest to take a break, like a day off from writing (once a month should suffice
). The more you write, the better it gets, but in order to avoid writer’s block, cut yourself some slack.

5) Use Keywords

You should have a sufficient knowledge on SEO. Using keywords will give you an edge over others. Keywords will also help Google pull up your work to the top.

6) Know Your Competitors

It is pretty obvious. Know your adversaries and read their stuff. They might be working on something new and important but you might be oblivious to it. Be Argus-eyed. You will learn what is happening in the market and what kind of stuff is being churned out.