On your way to office/school/shopping, what is that one thing you do all the time? Voluntarily, involuntarily you read a lot. Billboards, pamphlets, standees, posters, stickers, placards, et al carry words/lines of distinctiveness. My favorite is “Girls, Beer with Us”. Displayed outside a watering hole, it is skillfully (and successfully) targeting female customers. Free drinks, smart advertisement and the concept is sold! Every time I look at it, I wonder who came up with it. It is crisp, pithy, and smart.

That is a job of a content developer. Content developers are primarily involved in the creation, development, documentation, and editing of content for a number of activities related to online marketing as well as web development.

A content writer is responsible for creating novel and fresh content for websites, newsletters, press releases, blogs, articles, and advertising and marketing materials like posters, pamphlets, et al based on the requirements of a client/organization. A skillful content writer has the gift of the gab plus a way with words (Shashi Tharoor-level is a cherry on top).

They use their writing skills and knowledge in software, programming as well as web-based technology, to create and update content for websites.

Content development is all about producing appealing and cogent content that speaks to the audience. Hence, a content developer needs to have an excellent command of written/spoken English. He/she will be required to create an understandable, lucid, and crisp content based on myriad analytical reports, press releases, and survey reports.

The most important thing – if you want to become a content developer, you need to know the chapter and verse on the business that is been given to you. Your client might give you a viva voce explanation of what he/she desires. It is your job to put flesh on the bones of that.

Some of the basic skills that a content developer should possess are:

  • A bachelor’s degree in journalism or mass communication
  • Excellent communications and writing skills
  • Good listening skills
  • Multitasking abilities
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to generate creative content
  • No cookie-cutter writing style
  • Willingness to research, research, research

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Obtain Certifications

I will highly recommend this. Aspiring content developers should get work experience through an internship. An internship in web design or content development will give you substantial experience. It will help you in building an appreciable portfolio. An internship also offers additional hands-on training and an opportunity to network with professionals in the field.