People are spending a lot of time on social media. They are also consuming a plethora of information in the form of videos, articles, listicles, quick links, opinions, shared posts, and even memes! Your content should be novel and uncommon. If you want people to immediately spot your product, you have to improve your social media marketing game. Don’t fret! Social media marketing is as cheap as it is lucrative. You don’t have to pay through your nose for effective marketing.

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Have a gander at these marketing tools. The blog will be published in a series of two blogs.

I hope the list would be useful to you.

1) Buffer

It is one of the most recognized tools. Schedule disparate posts across any platform or even specify patterns of posts, such as “every day” or “weekdays” with Buffer. You can also use it to follow up on posts by evaluating which ones were the most effective and why.

2) Sprout Social

It is a flexible social media marketing tool that helps managers in effectively controlling several attributes. It features multi-level access, allowing directorial control, and access from lower-level team members to better coordinate and delegate tasks. It comes with full post scheduling capabilities, a detailed analytics platform, and even a social listening platform to understand how demographics use your platforms of choice.

3) MeetEdgar

Recycle old posts with this social media scheduling tool. Organize your posts by category, schedule your content by category, and then Edgar will automatically go through your content and post it from each category. Once it has gone through all the scheduled posts, it will start recycling the older updates.

4) Hootsuite

It is a simple but powerful tool for the average social media marketer. With a free version and relatively inexpensive options, you can use Hootsuite to schedule posts in advance on a number of different platforms and measure analytics to understand how your content is performing.


With “if this, then that”, you can combine different tools together to create individual “recipes,” or sets of instructions. For example, you can set it up to send a tweet every time you make a new Instagram post.

6) Social Oomph

With SocialOomph, you can bulk upload a mass of different updates all at once. For example, you can list a number of blog posts in a text file and upload them to be randomly distributed at certain time-based intervals on the platforms of your choice. Here, you’ll also have access to intuitive follower analysis features and tools to help you improve your audience engagement.

7) Tagboard

It is a social listening tool. When you plug in a term, topic or hashtag, you’ll see how that topic was discussed in the social sphere. You can see all discussions on the concerned topic. It’s an advanced way to monitor things like brand and product mentions. It can be used to generate new ideas on posts, and how to engage your audience (especially as trends develop).