In the previous blog titled “Inspiring Websites for Graphic Designers and Artists – 1“, you were presented with a list of  20 websites that demonstrate commendable graphics, illustrations, pictures, arrangement of elements, and creativity. This blog will put more flesh on the bones of the same topic.

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This list would be highly useful for teachers, students, designers, photographers, et al, who are involved in the website designing process.

Websites for Graphic Designers:

  1. Shillington Design Blog:Brought to you by the people at Shillington, an international graphic design college with campuses in the UK, America and Australia, this blog is full of inspiring work, industry insights and people.
  2. Aisle One:An inspirational resource focused on graphic design, typography, grid systems, minimalism and modernism.
  3. Abduzeedo:A successful and well-known popular blog about design, including plenty of inspiration and tutorials to support other creatives.
  4. Mirador:Mirador is the image hunting work of Say What Studio, graphic design duo based in Paris, France. They curate the most inspirational works out there and share them through this collection of projects.
  5. We Made This:We Made This is brought to you by graphic designer Alistair Hall, sharing other people’s inspiring work. Beautifully designed and always refreshing.
  6. Graphic Exchange:Fabien Barral is a happy graphic designer whose innovative and unique designs attract clients from around the world. In 2008 he joined forces with his wife Frédérique to create “Harmonie intérieure”, a business and brand that pushes poster and wall sticker design beyond the limits we expect from a commercial undertaking. Fabien also runs the “graphic-exchange” blog, a popular online venue for graphic designers.
  7. The Design Blog:Founded, designed and curated by Ena Baćanović – a designer based in Zagreb – Croatia, The Design Blog brings you carefully picked high-quality inspiration, featuring works of designers and design studios from all over the world.
  8. Design Week:Design news, inspiration and jobs, this is an essential read for any discerning graphic designer.
  9. Logo Design Love:Does exactly what it says on the tin, a blog that shares logo designs that we’ll love.
  10. AIGA Eye on Design:AIGA Eye on Design turns a well-trained eye on the best new work from the world’s emerging and established designers.

Websites for Photographers

  1. Feature Shoot:Feature Shoot is a photography magazine based on all kinds of genres – fine art, portraits, documentary, still life… you name it, this is the website to visit daily.
  2. 500px:An inspiring blog brought to you by photo community, 500px. Expect tips, advice and inspiring work from some of the world’s best photographers.
  3. The Big Picture:Inspiring news stories in pictures, created by the picture editors at The Boston Globe in the US.
  4. Ain’t Bad:Aint-Bad Magazine is a quarterly publication that promotes new photographic art.
  5. Bored Panda:Not just a website for fun, Bored Panda shares loads of inspiring work from artists, designers and, in this case, photographers.
  6. Flickr Blog:It is a companion blog to Flickr, showcasing a huge range of photography from across the globe.
  7. PetaPixel:Established in May of 2009, PetaPixel is a leading blog covering the wonderful world of photography with inspiration, tips and advice.
  8. They Shoot Film:They Shoot Film is a photo collective started by two photographers, Patrice Esser (on sabbatical) and Garrick Fujii. They are based in San Francisco and Los Angeles respectively.
  9. Guardian In Pictures:The Guardian’s own popular ‘news in pictures’ section. And if you download the iPad app you’ll be able to follow ‘pro tips’, learning how to take similar shots.
  10. One Big Photo:OneBigPhoto is your daily dose of high-quality photos.