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Many would aver that graphics are more appealing than content. Graphics seek attention. Sure; they are colorful; they deliver so much through just one picture/doodle/sketch. However, content remains the king. A good content is as an interlocutor that appears to be having a conversation with customers. Many brands blend graphics and witty content to promote products and drive campaigns.

“A good content is as an interlocutor that appears to be having a conversation with customers.”

Marketing strategies aim at attracting customers and promoting a certain  product or a bunch of services. If a post or a campaign reaches a wider target audience, it will certainly wax revenues. Digital marketing agencies have realized that the more crisp the content, the more it will be read. If a company can convey the sum and substance of its products and services without beating around the bush, customers won’t waste time looking for the main points.

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Impatient customers might not even read what you are trying to say if they think content is gibberish, or the content is taking too much time to get to the point.

Top social media marketing agencies are constantly penciling in new ideas and strategies to help clients promote their ideas on social media, without getting lost in the pool. Top SEO and digital marketing company in Bangalore Thorsignia understands the nuances of social media marketing. Be it detailed yet crisp blogs; social media posts and campaigns; advertorial content; website content; Thorsignia employs the best content writers that write cogently for multiple platforms: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even EDMs.

Digital marketing companies and big brands have created eyeball-grabbing material that has come through with flying colors. And it was great content that highlighted the strategies.

Have a look at these brilliant content marketing examples

  • Birchbox’s Magazine

Birchbox has invariably treated content as the mainstay of its strategies. It not only focused on its products but appealing content marketing coupled with graphics has been its staple.

Its online magazine offers a constant stream of how-to’s, tutorials, and DIY-related articles – aiming to inculcate an insatiable desire for the product as well as increase value for the existing subscribers.

  • Whole Foods

Whole Foods creates inclusive content that ushers people to a healthy lifestyle. The content it creates evinces that a wholesome diet is not a privilege, it is a choice. The brand embraces healthy living.

It believes in preaching what it practices. Its articles about how to save money but still eat healthy, or tips to change your diet for the better make Whole Foods’ products and lifestyle more inclusive. It uses energetic terms that pull people in the loop of a wholesome lifestyle.

  • Coca-Cola

Company’s Share-a-Coke campaign was genius. Coke inspired its customers to do the marketing for them. It is natural that people would like to see their names on Coke’s cans. They got so excited that they ended up posting pictures of the cans on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Coke’s campaign was personalized and inclusive.

  • The New York Times

The New York Times is a mogul. It is one of the most trusted and reliable papers. At a time when people feel print is slowly fading into oblivion, the NYT is marrying tech with print. The recent creation, NYTVR, just requires the free app and Google Cardboard to create a distinctive and cutting-edge product. Using virtual reality, the Times presents its readers with novel ways to experience the world. Its stories are very much pertinent in this technology-obsessed era.


  • Create interesting content that would resonate with readers. It can be a simple read but it should not repel audience.
  • Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. However, add something new to an existing idea.
  • Personalize the experience whenever and wherever you can.
  • Don’t tell. Show.
  • People should learn something or the other from what you have done.
  • Write flexibly. Your content should change its shape based on the platform.