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Are you ready to launch your company? You must be a fledgling, but you are working your socks off to streamline a number of factors that will help your company grow – investors, sponsors, staff, strategies, logistics, online presence, and a digital marketing company that provides the best social media optimization services, likeThorsignia.

One element that will represent your company in almost no words and little space is a logo.

All the major companies in the world – Google, Microsoft, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, et al, have distinctive logos. Their logos introduce them without us having to read their names or descriptions. You might not be tempted to invest a shedload in logo designing but an eyeball-grabbing logo speaks volumes about a company. A witty logo design might also tell you about a company’s vision. Look at Amazon’s logo; a smiley arrow from A to Z reflects the company’s policy to provide almost everything under the sun i.e., A to Z products. It also signifies that customers will be exalted (the smile) after receiving their desired products. It is a clever logo design.

A good online reputation management agency like Thorsignia offers bonafide brochure designing and web design services. You would want your profits to go off the charts and a smart logo is the first step toward achieving that monumental feat. Hire a digital marketing agency extraordinaire that will help you shape your vision.

Here are a few points that will help you in clearing your head about logo designing

  • Select versatile but simple designs. Don’t try to make a hodgepodge.
  • A lot of logos have both text and design components. Select a combination that works for your business and services.
  • Limit the number of colors to be used to two.

Have a dekko at our favorite logo designs. We have included a handful of companies (it is not a laundry list) that have proved their ingenuity with their logos.

1) Berkshire Hathway Inc.

Warren Buffett’s conglomerate holding company has a laundry list of popular subsidiaries like GEICO, Fruit of the Loom, Dura Cell, The Bottom Line, Kraft Heinz, et al.

Hathway’s logo is pretty simple but if you have a shufti at the logos of its subsidiaries, they are popping and eye-catching. Evidently, the company wants customers to focus more on its subsidiaries.

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2) Microsoft

Microsoft’s logo is pure genius. The cubed window typifies each of Microsoft’s major product offerings (blue for Windows, red for Office, green for Xbox). The color yellow doesn’t stand for any product, but a window cannot have three panes. We will cut Microsoft some slack here.

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Simply stellar! NASA has not one but three emblems: a sign (the so-called “Meatball”), logo (aka “Worm”), and stamp. The stamp has made a bonafide “career”: it was approved by President Eisenhower and later altered by President Kennedy himself.

4) Starbucks

That mermaid symbol is recognized globally. Even people who don’t consume beverages are smitten by Starbucks’ logo. In 1971, the Starbucks founders discovered a wooden engraving dating back to the 14th century. The engraving showed a beautiful siren (mermaid) with two tails. After years of designing and re-designing, the mermaid graces our names with its presence.

5) Visa

Its sharp blue, no-nonsense label can be seen on all advertorial and promotional materials. It is not florid but stands out on its own.

If you look around and from a look around we mean literally survey your surroundings and not simply Google, you will see that even novitiate businesses have gripping logos. They will make you think, “Sister! That is ingenious!”

Here’s one more tip: Keep your eyes peeled for ordinary objects. A simple can of syrup can spark creativity in you. Do not make light of inconsequential objects; they have a different, unconventional kind of potential.