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Digging Up Internet’s History

Hardware, software, Artificial Intelligence (AI), computer networks, operating systems, programming languages, video games, Graphical User Interface (GUI); the internet is gigantic. There is something for everyone. Even the detractors and naysayers will find something...

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10 Online Games for Gaming Buffs-Thorsignia

I saw deep-dyed gaming buffs during my engineering days. My guy friends would whip out their Androids and Apples, and there began perpetual sessions of Counter Strike and Bomb Squad. Games create a feeling of solidarity. They bring together even irreconcilable...

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A Short Lesson on Content Marketing

What is content marketing? What do you understand by it? For a lot of people anything remotely related to a task carried over a 'digital' platform invokes just one word - online. It is true. I won't contest it but it is also restrictive and incomplete. People are...

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Photoshop Trick-or-Treat

"A picture speaks a thousand Social Media Marketing Thorsignia empowers the brand to create a sound online presence to match the customer's business objective. It  aims to increase the website traffic thus improving the brand status and making a social impact. It is a...

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